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Parshat Korach

Dear STOCS Friend:

As we age, people tend to decrease the amount of sodium in their diet. Many see salt as detrimental to acceptable blood pressure. However, the Torah considers salt as something positive and everlasting! The Torah writes (Bamidbar 19:18) בְּרִית֩ מֶ֨לַח עוֹלָ֥ם הִוא֙ It is a covenant of salt. The Rashbam explains this covenant as ongoing that lasts for all time! Rashi says: “This means that He made a covenant with Aaron utilizing something which is wholesome and lasting and keeps other things wholesome.” It would seem Science and Torah disagree about the lasting effects of salt.

But perhaps Rashi. is not referring to the physical effects of salt on the body but rather the spiritual symbolism. Rabbi Scheinbaum in Peninim on the Torah points out the long-lasting effects Torah study has on an individual. However, does the effect spread to others? A very profound question, indeed!

The power of the Torah is not limited. It has the ability to enlighten others it touches. There is no doubt in our generation, more people are studying Torah than at any other time in Jewish history. However what about those who are not involved in Torah? Those, unfortunately, may not know the difference between an Alef or Beit?

The answer is simple. The Torah was given so it would be studied and taught. Others easily recognize the spiritual holiness of Torah ideas. We at STOCS need to double and triple our efforts for personal Torah study as well as inspiring others. Let us make use of this “covenant of salt” and preserve our spiritual lives along with the rest of Klal Yisroel.

I wish you a good Shabbos. I like forward to seeing you in Shul!

Rabbi Shore


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