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Parshat Emor

Dear STOCS Friend:

The count continues. We are at the halfway mark to the majestic holiday of Shavuot. On this holiday the Hebrews transformed from a group of individuals to a Holy Nation, chosen by Hashem. In Parshat Emor we are commanded to count days and weeks from the second day of Passover forty-nine days.

Interestingly the Torah does not give a specific date for the holiday of Shavuot. This omission is a teaching moment. All other Biblical holy days are associated with a specific month and date. Shavuot, the day of Matan Torah when Hashem revealed himself to over three million Jews, is not associated to any specific date for philosophical reasons. 

Limmud Hatorah, study of Torah is ongoing, a daily mitzvah. Therefore, Shavuot is not a historical occurrence, but rather an experience that plays out daily.

Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, the Rav of the Western Wall writes:” In actuality, Shavuot has a date, but when viewed profoundly, Shavuot is every day. And as our sages said of the verse recited by us every day in the Shema, “And these words, which I command you this day, shall be upon your heart” (Deuteronomy 6:6) – They should seem new to you every day. With every correct choice a person makes, he celebrates his own personal “Matan Torah,” and it is valid in every generation, in every situation and at any time.”

Therefore, celebrate Shavuot every day. Pick up a Chumash, Talmud, Shulchan Arukh, read Torah articles online or listen to Torah Podcasts. By doing so you are creating your own personal Shavuot--Giving and Receiving the Torah.

To all a good Shabbos! And Happy Daily Shavuot!!

Rabbi Shore





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