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Parshat Pinchas

Dear STOCS Friend:

The Midrash teaches men create a breach and women come to repair it. Many times, in Tanach, we see men fomenting problems, deviating from the path of the Torah, worshipping idols, etc. Then come the virtuous women who rectify the situation and receive great reward for doing so. Rabbi Yissachar Frand points out that the daughters of Tzlefchad received a reward for the entire generation. What exactly did the daughters do to warrant such a great honor? The Torah informs us that asked for an inheritance of land in the Land of Israel,

Eliyahu Kitov asks: What was the great merit of Tzelafchad’s daughters that they taught laws of Torah, which even Moshe was unable to teach? He explains that they arose in the generation of the wilderness and merited receiving the reward for the entire generation. Moshe asked them, “Behold, Israel wants to return to Egypt, and you request an inheritance in the land?” They answered, “We know that all Israel will possess the land in the end.” This is what Hillel used to say: “In a place where nobody jumps at the merchandise, buy it; in a place where there are no men, become a man” (Perkei Avot 2:5).

Rebbetzin Chana Bracha Siegelbaum writes: “Even at a time when everyone else had lost hope, they had tremendous faith.” The overwhelming majority of the children of Israel desired a return to Egypt, so they gave up hope on the land of Israel. The daughters of Tzlefchad never gave up hope rather their belief and faith in entering Israel one day was so deep, they sought an assurance they would have a piece of the land! The love of Israel these daughters possessed was second to none!

Today when so many Jews have negative opinions about Israel, I choose to stand with the daughters of Tzlefchad. I hope you do as well!

I look forward to seeing you in shul this Shabbas. Shabbat Shalom!

Rabbi Shore


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