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Parshat Tsav

Dear STOCS Friend;

This Shabbas we will mark a very special moment in the history of Shaarei Torah Orthodox Congregation of Syracuse.  Over the past seven months, almost the entire interior of the shul has been renovated, newly carpeted, painted, adorned with new furniture or chairs.  The last part of the project is the Kitchen which hopefully will be completed by the summer.

Due to the generosity of thirty-six families, close to $70,000 was raised. Our shul has been aesthetically transformed and the STOCS family is grateful to all who supported this project.

Rabbi Joseph Soloveitchek explains the difference between the action of reciting the words of  Teffilah and its actual fulfillment. Reciting the words is the action in of itself by the use of correct Hebrew pronunciation.  The fulfillment of Teffilah occurs when the heart is touched in that the words remain present within. Please God, for many years to come, our shul will continue to be  a source of spiritual inspiration to all.

I look forward to seeing you this Shabbas as the Board of Trustees of STOCS sponsors the Kiddush honoring those who made the restoration of our מקדש מעט Miniature Holy Temple a reality. Of course, if you have not yet donated to the initiative, a few more projects remain to be done. Feel free to call me to discuss this.


Rabbi Evan Shore


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