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Parshat Vayakhel

Dear STOCS Friend:


Imagine the following scenario:  The president of the shul stands up to make the annual Kol Nidrei Appeal. Upon the completion of the remarks, he asks all those assembled in the shul to hand their pledge card to the gabbai. Surprisingly, no cards are handed in! The Gabbai announces no cards were handed out because all members made their pledge prior to going to shul. Passover and its accompanying Yizkor appeal are quickly approaching. I positively hope and envisage many members making pledges beforehand.

Rabbi Yoel Shafran writes: “We do not have to wait to be asked to be helpful.”  In this week's Torah portion, we read that the Children of Israel found out that Moshe needed money and supplies to build the Mishkan (Tabernacle) to worship God. They did not wait to be asked to contribute, rather they stepped forward and voluntarily gave generously. Whether giving of our possessions or of ourselves to help others, we do a remarkable thing when we volunteer to help even without being asked.

A great deal is taking place at STOCS. The entire building has been renovated. Additionally, we have our annual Purim dinner and STOCS youth programming with more to come!

The shul is always looking for volunteers, workers, helpers, shleppers etc. to aid with our holy mission in Syracuse. Increased attendance at the daily minyan is not only welcome, but also encouraged. Imagine if an entire week went by and there was no need to make a minyan “call” or “text.”

The shul is a מקדש מעט miniature Holy Temple. Our work is not complete, and a good deal more needs to be carried out. I look forward to your help, aid and volunteerism in our mission to be the center of Torah and Jewish life in Syracuse.

This Shabbas is Parshat Shekalim, the first of four special Shabbatot that precede Purim and Passover.  I hope to see you at services.

Shabbat Shalom


Rabbi Shore


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