Rosh Hashanah 101: #1 Tishrei & the Shofar

The holiday of Rosh Hashanah falls out in the seventh month of the year! The first month is Nissan, marking the exodus from Egypt and the birth of the Jewish people. What, therefore, is significant about the seventh month which is תשרי Tishrei? When the letters of תשרי are rearranged, they form the word ישרת straight or upright.

There is a fascinating discussion in the Talmud debating the type of Shofar used on Rosh Hashanah. One opinion is:

שופר של ראש השנה של יעל פשוט…

The shofar used for Rosh Hashanah should be from a wild goat, straight…

Rashi quoting Rav mentions a person’s thoughts on the New Year should be simple and straight. The message is clear, the notes of the shofar, as well as our prayers, should go directly to Hashem.

Rabbi Beryl Wein points out Hashem sounds a shofar as well on Rosh Hashanah. “And may those shofar sounds that we express be met by the shofar that Hashem uses to call us — to return to Him and to herald His healing and salvation for the world.”

To all: Be written and sealed for a good New Year!

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