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Rosh Hashanah 5784

Dear STOCS Friend:

As we approach the Awesome Days of 5784, I would like to extend my wishes to you for a happy and healthy New Year. The previous eleven months have been challenging. King David in the Book of Psalms writes, From the depths, I called You. Rabbi Soloveitchek comments: “Man meets God not only in moments of joy and triumph but also in times of disaster and distress.”

My life has been altered, yet, time marches on. The beauty of Judaism is the fact we are forced by halacha to face the realities of personal loss because time does not stop. A New Year is almost upon us, so we must look forward. A Matching Grant has attracted great support from within and outside the shul. Renovations have already commenced that will transform the interior of the shul. Additionally, through the Deborah Shore Kitchen Fund, plans are being finalized to place a washing sink in the Kiddush room, as well as revamping part of the kitchen.

We are in the process of welcoming four new members to the STOCS Family. Youth Programs are set beginning with Junior Congregation on the Chagim. Additionally, a monthly Mommy and Me Program Sponsored by the Jessica Shore Youth Fund will be held in tandem with the JCC and the SHDS.

Most important, is our journey into 5784. This year, make your teffilah more meaningful. Spend more time contemplating your words to Hashem. When lighting Shabbas/Yom Tov candles, connect with the spiritual energy and holiness of the moment. Study more Torah, perform more mitzvot!

After the Shofar blowing during Mussaf we recite the following: “May the utterance of our lips be pleasant before You.” May You accept with mercy and favor all of our Teffilot.

I look forward to seeing you and wishing you a happy and healthy new year in Shul on Rosh Hashanah.

Rabbi Shore


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