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Small Steps

One small step is still תשובה -- repentance. Quite often many are unable or unwilling to begin the path towards repentance due to fear. Not fear of the unknown rather the undertaking is perceived as too broad in scope. May I be so bold as to pose the following: Who said the undertaking must be a massive project? Why not start small and choose behaviors or transgressions that are easily changed.

This Elul start with modest changes: Try choosing some of the following:

Identify how Shabbat observance may be strengthened or enhanced

Think a bit more about a prayer recited daily.

Recite blessings before eating.

Attend minyan in shul at least once a week.

Recite Havdalah at the conclusion of Shabbat.

Set aside Tzedakah daily (except Shabbos)

Stop eating non-Kosher food.

Of course, there are many more, however, the key is to set an agenda that is realistic. Let this Elul be a month for change!

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