Small Steps (Continued)

As mentioned in Inspiration #5 small steps lead to successful outcomes in terms of repentance. Rectifying our interpersonal relationships is just as important as our obligations to Hashem.

During the month of Elul, we should strive to identify our weak areas in the arena of בין אדם לחברו between a person and his/her friend.

Elul is an excellent month to begin the step towards either repairing, improving or deepening relations with our friends and family.

Anger management: Counting slowly to ten does wonders

Making eye contact when speaking with others

Next time, do not text or email, try a direct phone call

Take the needs of others into consideration

Do not speak or listen to לשון הרע gossip

Greet others pleasantly

Accord others with respect and honor

Stop politicizing conversations

The list can go on. Feel free to add your own!

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