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Parshat Metzora

Dear STOCS Friend:


Passover is quickly approaching. However, our enemies are keen to ramp up the aggression against Klal Yisroel. In my humble estimation, last Saturday night/early Sunday morning the world saw an amazing miracle. In my lifetime, I believe and feel this miracle was the greatest one I have lived through.

M. Abitol wrote this week: “The likelihood that everything, but really everything, works out does not exist in complex systems like the defense systems that were used to defend Israel from the massive Iranian attack.

These systems have never, not only in the State of Israel, been tried in real time!

I took a pencil and dived into the calculations to check the statistical probability that such a result would materialize. The considerable number of events that had to be overseen, when each missile or UAV is managed independently (that is, human error or some deviation of one operation is not offset by other successful operations) compounds the chance of making a mistake.

With all the high technologies, a breach was expected in the defense of the skies of the State of Israel.

Even if we got 90% protection, it would have been a miracle.

What happened is that everyone, the pilots, the systems operators and the technology operators – functioned as one man, at one moment, in total unity. If this is not an act of G-d, then I no longer know what a miracle is.”

The days between Purim and Passover are known as very auspicious times for the Jewish People. May we continue to behold the Hand of Hashem protecting the Land of Israel Let the oft recited plea:  Next year in Jerusalem become a reality this Passover!

I look forward to seeing you in shul this week for our pre Pessach Cholent and Chometz Kiddush!

Shabbat Shalom

Am Yisrael Chai!

Rabbi Shore


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