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Parshat Terumah

Dear STOCS Friend:

Parshat Terumah introduces us to Hashem’s “desire” to dwell amongst us on earth. The Jewish people are excited to hear about the Mishkan (tabernacle), Hashem’s abode on earth. After sharing this idea at the Day School, one of my students asked: Why does Hashem need to live in a building surrounded by humans at all

Smiling I answered quoting an article I recently read by Rabbi Yehuda Appel: “In contrast to many other religions where the primary dynamic of the religious experience is the human finding God, in Judaism the major focus is the giving of the Torah, where God made Himself known to the human.

Beautiful idea! In other words, God is seeking us out. His love for Bnai Yisroel is boundless. What, therefore, should be our response to His overture? When He enters our house, what does He see? Is it a house with seforim, mezuzot and where kosher does not only pertain to food but to speech, garb, and behavior as well?

This Friday afternoon when the Shabbat candles are lit, take a moment, and reflect, will Hashem be comfortable and welcomed by our Shabbat environment? Hopefully, He and the Shabbas Queen will feel like royalty when faced with the spiritual atmosphere of our home.

I wish all a good Shabbas and remember Hashem is looking forward to meeting you!


Rabbi Shore


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